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About Terramount Engineering & Design Drafting Services

Terramount Engineering & Design is an engineering firm offering full service drafting to engineering firms and other clients. We have a full service drafting department dedicated to meeting our client’s needs by tailoring our services to match the complexity of the project. We strive to develop long term relationships with our clients by providing quality and timely service. We work to develop an enjoyable and organized work environment where the same team members are involved in the project from start to finish, ensuring responsive and cost effective drafting solutions.

Drafting Services

Drafting is the key component to every project. Every successful project needs a highly qualified drafter to ensure the drawings are neatly organized, easy to read and delivered on time to the building departments and all other parties involved. As you know, drafting is a field that constantly flocculates with the project or office needs. This becomes a challenge when determining the cost effectiveness of retaining or laying off drafters when a project is completed or is put on hold and then again while hiring as projects gear up again. This is where TE&D’s drafting services can work for you. We can assist with projects big or small. When you are in need of drafting and do not want to deal with the hassle of hiring or training look to us at TE&D. Our trained staff of engineers, designers and drafters are just one call away. We are available to save the day, we are more capable than superman and can work with you for all your drafting needs. Heck we are teamed with contractors and suppliers and will put teams together teams to build whatever it is you may need. We will drive a dozer, excavator, pick up a shovel, pour concrete and etc., as need to move your project along.

Civil & Surveying Drafting Experience

  • ALTA/ACSM Survey Plans
  • Residential Boundary Survey
  • Commercial Boundary Survey Plans
  • Residential Site Mortgage Survey Plans
  • Commercial Site Survey Plans
  • Paving and Parking Plans, Sections and Details
  • Topographic Survey Plans and Sections
  • Site Storm Drainage Plan, Sections and Details
  • Site Utilities Plans, Sections and Details
  • Sanitary Sewer Plans, Sections and Details
  • Site Water, Sewer Gas and other Piping Plans, Sections and Details
  • Site Grading Plans, Sections and Details
  • Tree and Vegetation Survey Plan
  • Cell Site As-Built Plans
  • Cell Tower As-Built Plans, Sections and Details

All Other Drafting Experience

  • Architectural Plans Section and Details
  • Structural Plans, Sections and Details
  • Mechanical Plans Sections and Details
  • Electrical Plans Sections and Details
  • Process Piping, Plans Sections and Details

Drafting Examples

Civil Drawings

Structural Drawings

Why Terramount Engineering & Design?

Terramount Engineering & Design and our team members have a reputation for taking on projects which others will not.

We develop creative and timely solutions to meet our client’s unique needs.

What Our Customers Say

Duane Werner

Terramount Engineering & Design is an experienced and dedicated company that is willing and able to assist you with your engineering needs. They are one of the most responsive engineering companies in the state. I have worked directly with Mr. Malone on multiple projects in Alaska and also out of state. I recommend using them before going out of state.

Duane Werner

Drafting Services

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